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Turkeys, Christmas, Welsh Labour MPs

Fall-out from Brexit and ensuing dramas continue as both UK main parties face existential leadership contests. Nearer home, the overwhelming Out vote in Wales has shocked Labour to the core – no wonder then that Rhondda’s Chris Bryant quickly joined the queue to call for Jeremy Corbyn to step down – even though he was an early appointment to Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet only a year ago. Having seen Rhondda fall to Plaid Cymru and the ousting of Welsh Minister Leighton Andrews in the Assembly elections, Bryant will not relish a potential career-limiting General Election fight there anytime soon. Nia Griffiths as Shadow Welsh Secretary was up next – expect more...

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Hague revival? Following the Brexit vote, a UK Cabinet reshuffle is imminent but who will lead the renegotiations with Europe and elsewhere in the world? Step forward perhaps William (now Lord) Hague – ex Foreign Secretary and widely regarded as the best Conservative PM Britain never had … but maybe never say never?

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Cyfle rhy dda i'w golli.

Blog Menai, 11 hours ago

Felly mae'r Blaid Doriaidd yn wynebu etholiad mewnol chwerw gyda'r triciau budur, cynllwynio a bradychu arferol.  Mae'r Blaid Lafur mewn cyflwr o ryfel cartref agored gyda phosibilrwydd gwirioneddol y gallai...

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